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Unfortunately, we have a long way to go before we can depend on safe, effective health care in American hospitals. I’m grateful to thought leaders like Drs. Sanjaya Kumar and David Nash who bring rare clarity to both the problems and the solutions. This book is an excellent overview of complex and sensitive issues, and a well-lit roadmap for those of us determined to bring about real change.

Leah F. Binder, MA, MGA
Chief Executive Officer, The Leapfrog Group
Washington, DC

Doctors Sanjaya Kumar and David Nash have written what will undoubtedly be one of the most important books in the history of American healthcare. DEMAND BETTER! Distinguishes itself because it pulls no punches in laying bare the truth: America’s healthcare non-system is not what we have mythologically believed it to be. Grossly overpriced and half as effective as the systems of many nations, American healthcare stands alone as a perverse engine of perpetual illness, the fee-for-service financial model succeeding only if the level of medical need among Americans remains the same. Literally every sentient American needs to read this book, and every state legislator, governor and member of Congress has a responsibility to acknowledge its hard-hitting lessons. There is a pathway to true excellence and real reform, and Kumar and Nash are lighting the way.

John J. Nance, JD
International Speaker on Patient Safety and Quality Care, Attorney, Pilot, Aviation Analyst for ABC World News and Good Morning America.
Author of Why Hospitals Should Fly, the James A. Hamilton 2009 ACHE Healthcare Book of the Year

“There are many widely held misconceptions about America’s healthcare system and the recent healthcare reform legislation. The fact that this legislation is purported to be healthcare reform is an example, when it is really only health insurance reform. The existence of these misconceptions is key n preventing the changes needed for America’s healthcare system to become affordable and address prevention of illness, rather than only providing sick care. The authors do a good job of debasing these misconceptions, which is a first step in helping Americans to let go of current beliefs and begin to understand what America’s healthcare system really does and ultimately embrace change.”

Catherine Carson, BSN, MPA, CPHQ
Vice President, Quality and Performance Improvement
Hospital Association of Southern California

Demand Better! Revive Our Broken Healthcare System by Drs. Sanjaya Kumar and David Nash makes a significant contribution to the rapidly evolving literature documenting the current healthcare crisis in America. Take this book seriously! All of us should read it with the safety of our friends, families and ourselves firmly in mind.

Doctors Kumar and Nash have given us a burning platform from which to mandate quantum improvement in American medical practice. That massive reorientation will not be easy to accomplish, but it is necessary, if we are to improve the results they cite as placing us at the bottom of so many international health status indicators. It is the right thing to do not only for our patients but for our children and our grandchildren.

Glenn W. Mitchell, MD, MPH, FACEP
Chief Medical Officer
Sisters of Mercy Health System

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